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When 26-year-old Anna becomes a gestational surrogate to a single, middle-aged app designer named Matt, she expects only a transactional bit of good karma and the payday that will allow her to finish her college degree. But as Matt’s unbridled enthusiasm for impending parenthood leads him to persistently insert himself into her life and invite her into his, the initially annoyed Anna finds herself reluctantly charmed. The pair of self-described loners gradually open up to each other, give in to the intimacy of their admittedly finite shared experience, and forge an unlikely friendship. Starring Ed Helms and Patti Harrison, with Julio Torres, Tig Notaro, Anna Konkle, Rosalind Chao and Fred Melamed. Produced by Anthony Brandonisio/Wild Idea, Tango Entertainment, Stay Gold Features, Kindred Spirit. Distribution: Bleecker Street Films. 

Premier: Sundance 2021, US Dramatic Competition.


A young woman, Leia, is returned home to her biological parents after living with her abductor for 17 years. The reunion brings more questions than it does answers, especially as Leia longs for the life she feels at home in. Meanwhile her mother struggles with the realization that her daughter is more lost to her than ever, and works to get her back. By any means necessary. Starring Saoirse Ronan, Cynthia Nixon, Jason Isaacs. With David Warshofsky, Rosalind Chao and Avery Phillips. Produced by Fido Features, Olympus Pictures, Anthony Brandonisio.

Premiered Sundance 2015, US Dramatic Competition.


Screenplay only. After Ray decides to further his transition with testosterone therapy his mother, Maggie, must come to terms with the decision while tracking down Ray's biological father to get his legal consent. Starring Elle Fanning, Naomi Watts, Susan Sarandon. With Linda Emond, Tate Donovan and Maria Dizzia. Produced by Big Beach, Premiered at TIFF 2015. 



​A smart, supremely funny contemporary comedy of manners, Everything is Ours explores a Post Gen-X state of alienation in the face of success. Thanks to their billion dollar internet idea, Sara and Mitchell have it all – disposable wealth, interns, each other. But when Elsie, a newly orphaned 10 year old conceived from an egg Sara donated in college, lands on their doorstep-- everything is turned upside down as they figure out once and for all what is theirs and what is not. Premiered at HERE Arts Center NYC 2014 ​

5W 3M


When Frank and Sandy's oldest son Craig is killed while committing a crime, the family must figure out how to grieve the loss of someone who was already lost. Do they remember him how he was, or how they wanted him to be? Desperate to improve their grieving techniques and garner sympathy from the community, Sandy paints the house black and enrolls the family in grief counseling (or coaching) Meanwhile the remaining children try to figure out the new pecking order, if there is one. But when they meet an adult orphan named Greg, who seems to be everything Craig was not, the family is put back together in a way that forces them to reevaluate their own lives and living in general.

3W 3M 




After 19 years of captivity spent living in a basement, Leia is returned home to her parents where she discovers her birth-name is Leanne and her birthday isn’t in March after all. This complicated reunion with her family is made all the more harrowing as she longs for the life she remembers and the man who kept her there, meanwhile her mother works harder than ever to get her daughter back. By any means necessary. Premiered with City Theater, Slovenia 2019

4W 3M



On the eve of her 55th birthday Lorraine gathers her four daughters and announces a new sibling is on the way. Convinced daughters only grow to resent their mothers where sons grow to revere them, she has decided to have a son, via surrogate - let the reverence begin. Premiered at The Royal Court, London 2015

7W (ages 15-89) 






​short plays

How it Tastes

Stranded in the woods during a corporate team building retreat, a woman eats her coworker in order to survive. Now how is she going to live with herself? Perseverance isn't always pretty. 

Monologue written for Rattlestick Playwrights Third Annual Theater Jam

1W and a body. 

Have Your Cake

Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy moves in with girl, girl leaves boy in the middle of the night but first she eats an entire sheet cake. ​

Ten Minute play commissioned by Lesser America, Originally performed at Theater for a New City

1W 1M

Nice Place to Visit

On the edge of the woods is the farthest suburb of Arden, Farden; a place where your wants come true- but not every want is a wish, just ask Farden's last living resident. 

Ten min play commissioned by Old Vic New Voices for their Arden Project, performed at 3LD and streamed live to a London audience at The Old Vic

1M with 2 visible stage hands

​Dig Dig Dig

Three teenagers dig a hole in order to escape the one that has already been dug for them. Ten Minute play commissioned by Stella Adler Studio

2W 1M

Alls Well That Ends

A girl has grown up at the bottom of a well, the man who attempted to rescue her as her only company and life long companion. You can get used to anything. Until you can't. 

Ten minute play originally performed at Ensemble Studio Theatre for their Dead Man's Brunch

1W 2M

Play for an All White Stage

Four people stuck in a tundra, one of them dies. Do they eat him? Lets vote. 

Ten minute play commissioned by Old Vic New Voices TS Elliot Exchange, originally performed at The Old Vic, London. 

2W 2M

Echo Echo Echo

Echo begins couples therapy with her new boyfriend, Nathan. Love is hard. Change is harder. 

Ten minute play originally performed at Ensemble Studio Theatre for their Greek Myth Brunch

1W 1M 1Either


Conjoined fraternal twins Selma and Shelly are finally separated sometime around their sixteenth birthday, at arms length they are the farthest they have ever been apart. But is it really for the better?

Ten minute play commissioned by Stella Adler Studio, further produced at Center Stage


Holiday Play

A family holiday party drives it's hosts one by one to the attic where they seek refuge from their guests, but have to face each other. With flashbacks.

Ten minute play originally performed at Ensemble Studio Theatre for their Holiday Brunch 

2W 3M

Ghost Play

A group of peole gather in a church basement for a support group on how to begin new lives after having faked their own deaths. 

Ten minute play originally performed at Ensemble Studio Theatre for their Asking for Trouble Festival of Short Plays

3W 2M

Quiet Crying

A monologue for two people and a baby. 

1M 1W

Stuck in a Cave

Lisa and Gary are trapped after an earthquake. Will Lisa ever see her cat again? Will she get the chance to reconcile with her mom? Will she keep her new promotion at work? Can she have Gary's phone number? And will Gary ever get Lisa to shut up? Above all, will optimism or resignation win this battle of survival? 

One Act

4W 3M

Let Me Collect Myself

A series of monologues based on interviews and imaginings with obsessive collectors. Can be performed as a solo show or with various actors, 7 characters 3W 2M 2Either

The Bridge

A girl climbs a bridge to jump off, but finds someone is already there. Together they work up the courage to be cowards. And an appetite. 

A five minute play. 

1W 1M

The Only One

An episodic choose your own adventure play created for The Bats, performed for #serials@theflea at The Flea Theater

​short STORIES

The Beginning

When a tornado destroys a remote town leaving only high school students behind, their struggle for survival soon becomes a way of life and eventually the basis of a new world, set apart from the one already in progress. 

Published in Glimmer Train, November 2017

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