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together together


Written and Directed by Nikole Beckwith

Starring: Ed Helms, Patti Harrison

With Julio Torres, Tig Notaro, Anna Konkle, Evan Jonigkeit, Rosalind Chao 

When a young loner is hired as the surrogate for a single man in his forties the unexpected relationship challenges their perception of connection, boundaries and the particulars of love.   


Premier: Sundance 2021, January 31 2:30pm EST US Dramatic 

Cinematographer: Frank Barrera

Production Design: Ashley Fenton

Costume Design: Elizabeth Warn

Editor: Annette Davey

Score: Alex Sommers

Produced: Anthony Brandonisio/Wild Idea, Tango Entertainment, Stay Gold Features, Kindred Spirit 

Distributor, North America: Bleecker Street Films

Distributor, International: Sony Pictures 

Project Page: Sundance 2021   

                         North American Release

Stockholm, Pennsylvania 


Written and Directed by Nikole Beckwith

Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Cynthia Nixon, Jason Isaacs.

With David Warshofsky, Rosalind Chao, Avery Phillips, Hanna Hayes. 

A young woman is returned home to her bilogical parents after living with her abductor for seventeen years. 

Premiered Sundance 2015 US Dramatic Competition. January 23 2015

Premiered Lifetime May 12 2015

Cinematographer: Arnaud Potier

Production Design: Kathrin Eder

Costume Design: Emily Batson

Editor: Joe Klotz

Score: Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum & Brian McOmber

Produced: Fido Features, Olympus Pictures. Anthony Brandonisio, 

Mandy Beckner, Geoff Linville. 


Satelite Award Best Motion Picture for Television- Nikole Beckwith

Womens Image Award Best Screenplay- Nikole Beckwith

Gracie Allen Award Outstanding Female Actor, Drama -Cynthia Nixon

Young Entertainers Award Best Supporting Young Actress- Avery Phillips


Critics Choice Awards; Best Movie/Limited SeriesBest Supporting Actress in Movie/Limited Series- Cynthia Nixon, Best Supporting Actor in a Movie/Limited Series- Jason Isaacs. 

Satelite Awards; Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series/Motion Picture Made for Television- Cynthia Nixon

Womens Image Award; Best Director- Nikole Beckwith

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